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Greensight journey

Do you want to introduce greener practices and ways of working within your event, your premises or your teams? These are the steps I propose to help you achieve this at your own pace

Step 1 : 1st meeting

full diagnosis of the event or site

aim: analysis of needs and levers for action

Step 3 : 2nd meeting

strategic review of the priorities and discussion of a plan of action

aim: implementation of first sustainable improvements and alternatives

Step 5 : (in)formation

training sessions for teams and suppliers on environmental issues and/or the development of a communication plan.

aim: involve all stakeholders

Step 7 : assessment

Final written report of field findings and suggestions for improvement

aim : to maintain respect for the environment and to involve the public.

Step 2 : intitial rapport

proposals for action are included in the report.

Step 4 : writting

drafting ad hoc documents: sustainability policy, 1 or 3 year sustainability plan, internal or external communication

aim: to make the sustainability policy a permanent one 

Step 6 : course of the event

overseeing the proper running of the event and implementation of sustainability policy


Any event organiser or venue manager will benefit from this journey if

  • you are wondering how you can act in your professional practice and daily life to change your carbon balance.

  • you ask yourself how to change your and your team habits and to become more environmentally responsible.

  • you wonder how, in the context of your actions and programmes, you can awaken and nourish the reflection of your audience.

  • your desire to improve is sometimes met with a lack of knowledge or incomplete information about what can be effective and relevant in terms of sustainability.

  • you are very busy managing the day-to-day needs and priorities required to develop your activity or event.

  • you want to involve your audience in a change of attitude and discourse, with symbolic and exemplary value.

  • you want to be part of a network of environmentally conscious organisers.

  • you are wondering what the financial implications of a sustainable policy will be.

  • you want to put in place an action plan that will work over time and for all the futur events .

  • you want your team to be aware of climate change issues and have easy access to training.

  • you fear, wrongly, that going green will mean compromising on the quality of the event or service.

  • you want to improve the experience of the public, to bring beauty, respect for all, with a positive message.

  • you want to move with the times and organise an inclusive event that respects audience and gender diversity.

  • you want to work with someone who is an expert in the field, and take the burden of examining and improving your carbon impact off your shoulders.

  • you would like to be kept up to date with the latest developments in the practice of sustainability in the sector.

Greensight pledge

learning to inhabit the world respectfully

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